Khorheh Temple: Archaeological Site in Iran

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - Khorheh means the location where the sun rises. Khorheh Historical Site in central region of Mahallat, during the time of the Parthians in the village of Khorheh in Mahallat, raised like a temple from the earth and its works remains up to now.

Khorheh Temple: Archaeological Site in Iran

'There is a temple in southern part of Arak, on the way to Kashan, with two Greek columns still standing strong…’ this is what Louis Vanden Berghe, Belgian archeologist, has written in his book: Archeology of Iran.

The columns he was talking about are made from quality Travertine stone, locally mined in Mahallat, the holder of large deposits of this mineral stone in Iran.

Seventy peaks of mountain range are situated at the northern border of this 3550 Sq. meters temple. The evidences of the presence of mankind in the fire temple region dates back to two millenniums B.C.

Khorheh Temple has been in service also as palace and gathering point for national and religious ceremonies. Mahallat is also known as City of Flowers and Warm Water Springs. It is home to largest flower rising farms of the country and the specialty customs house for flower export. Archeologists and researchers may visit this fire temple and then pay a visit to Mahallat to enjoy the pleasant weather and a flower watching tour.

Source: Persia Port

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