The Mausoleum of Mohammed Mo'in in Iran's Gilan

The Mausoleum of Mohammed Mo'in in Iran's Gilan

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - The mausoleum of Mohammad Mo'in (1297-1350 solar Egira) is located in the city of Astaneh Ashrafieh (Gilan region).

Professor Mo'in is one of the well-known and distinguished contemporary scholars in the fields of science, research and Persian language and literature, as well as scholar and linguist and author of the "Mo'in Vocabulary" and therefore can be considered as the father of the dictionary of Iran after Dehkhoda.

His sepulcher is found by his will in the family mausoleum, next to the Kheshmat River. The building that reminds the scholar Mo'in, multilateral brick, with crescent arches and the clay roof in a green and wooded environment, a reference point for lovers of language and Persian literature, can be counted among the attractions tourist.

He was the first in Iran to have earned his doctorate degree in Persian culture, linguistics and literature; the most important works of this illustrious scholar are: "The stars of Nahid", "The tale of khordad and mordad", "The wisdom of enlightenment and the Iranian culture", "The mirror of Alexander", "Complete series on culture Persian "and his most famous work is the" Dictionary Mo'in "in 6 volumes.

Other noteworthy works by Professor Mo'in include the correction and marginal notes of classical Persian works and the translation of foreign books into Persian.


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