Official Vows Yemen’s Continuous Countermeasures Against Saudi Aggression

Official Vows Yemen’s Continuous Countermeasures Against Saudi Aggression

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – A Yemeni official warned that his country will continue to target “vital” facilities of Saudi Arabia as long as the Saudi-led military coalition is attacking Yemen.

Mohammed Ali al-Houthi, a member of Yemen's Supreme Political Council has warned Saudi Arabia against its continued acts of aggression after the Yemeni armed forces targeted a Saudi Aramco petroleum products distribution plant in the port city of Jeddah with an advanced homegrown ballistic missile.

“The more Saudi Arabia continues its war on Yemen, the stronger Yemeni army forces will target vital installations inside the kingdom in defense of their homeland and dignity,” he added.

“We have got accustomed to the unethical practices of the enemy, including its bombardment campaign, continuous attacks on Yemeni people, siege, air blockade, prevention of Yemeni patients from traveling abroad for medical care, deferments in payment of employee salaries and depreciation of the Yemeni currency… The more Yemeni people are targeted, the more resilient they will become,” the Yemeni official noted.

Houthi said Saudi Arabia has been targeting and conspiring against Yemeni people for the past six years, noting that bids to normalize relations with the Israeli regime, bombing of Yemeni people and the crippling siege on its impoverished southern neighbor are only a few examples in the Riyadh regime’s long list of crimes, Press TV reported.

“Yemeni people will neither capitulate nor retreat in the face of (the Saudi-led) aggression. The only way for aggressor countries is to broker durable peace, otherwise the battle will continue until final victory,” he said.

Houthi underlined that the Quds-2 missile that hit the Saudi Aramco plant in Jeddah on Monday was entirely designed and manufactured in Yemen, sarcastically advising Saudi authorities to procure more advanced US-made air defense systems in light of the missile attack.


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