Baghcheh Joogh Palace Museum in Iran's Maku

Baghcheh Joogh Palace Museum in Iran's Maku

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Baghche Jough palace, one of the most dramatic historical palaces of Iran commissioned by “Eghbal al- Sultan Makuei“, the powerful ruler of the late Qajar period and one of the Muzaffar al-Din Shah Shah commanders, is a unique and valuable monument in the Iran's northwest.

Luxurious building of the palace has been built of two-story building in a garden on a high hillside with a combination of Iranian traditional architecture and western especially Russian architecture in the late 19th.

The domestic and foreign travelers are interested in the building of this palace due to the outstanding artistic and architectural features as a palace-museum.

Currently, this museum contains objects and furniture of the commander most of them presented by Russia's ruler and court for his considerable influence on the area of Iran, especially in the tumultuous reign of Muzaffar al-Din Shah.


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