Ali Akbar Sanati Museum in Iran's Tehran

Ali Akbar Sanati Museum in Iran's Tehran

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Ali Akbar Sanati Museum (13 Aban) remained from the Qajar Era was revived by Abdolhossein Sanatizadeh and Master Seyed Ali Akbar Sanati’s works.

Ali Akbar Sanati, the painter and sculpture (born in Kerman 1916) received his diploma in the field of painting and sculpturing after studying at Kamal-ol-Molk Art School also known as Sanaye Mostazrafeh Art School (Fine Arts School) for four years.

The 13th Aban Museum holds 6,000 paintings and more than a thousand chalk, stone, and bronze sculptures representing Persian scientific, literary, and other social figures in a realistic way with a few times bigger than the real figure.

The museum includes Negarkhaneh (gallery), Tamasha Khaneh (theater), Shahr-e Farang (mutoscoope), Tak Chehreha Gallery, and Anthropology Museum.

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