Multipolar World Will Rise as Outcome of US Departure from War Empire: Analyst

Multipolar World Will Rise as Outcome of US Departure from War Empire: Analyst

TENRAN (Tasnim) - A former US army psychological warfare officer said that the US departure of war empire will result in the rise of the multipolar world.

"The multipolar world will rise up as a result of America's departure from this war empire. For a true multipolar peaceful world, you need to have a new sense of the United Nations where you have equal standing with all nations, but at the same time, independent sovereignty is recognized.” Dr Scott Bennett said in an interview with the secretariat of the 2nd international conference on the demise of the United States.

Scott Bennett, who was a US Army Special Operations Officer, believes that the disintegration of the United States started on September 11, 2001 and came to its climactic end in November of 2020 with election fraud.

He referred to the project of a new American Century which was about how the United States must conquer the world in the name of empire. “So they launched the 9/11 attacks, and 20 years later, after exhaustive video evidence and expert testimony from every profession, it’s very clear that the World Trade Center Towers imploded. It is very scientifically provable that they did not collapse because of airplanes; that’s physically impossible. And I personally know that no plane was ever found at the pentagon,” he remarked.

“The effect of this plan was to carry the United States into a self-inflicting suicide of terminal military interventionism across the Middle East and a world that was conceived to destroy all of the Middle Eastern regimes and cultures.”

“We have wasted and destroyed millions of lives, hundreds of millions of dollars.” Bennett went on to say. “And we're witnessing the climatic failure and crash of this ill-conceived plan with the expulsion of the American presence in Afghanistan, the rejection of the American presidents in Iraq and Syria, and really the isolation and ostracization of the United States by all countries and cultures and neighbors of countries and cultures who have been victimized by this military juggernaut. And this has led to the disintegration of the United States in its own country and the increasing awareness and awakening to this tremendous waste, the increasing totalitarianism and authoritarianism.”

As regards the US departure from Afghanistan Bennett held that the best thing would be for the Iranians and the Russians to rescue the stranded Americans in Afghanistan, take them to their embassies, and then fly them from Tehran to Moscow and then back to the United States.

“That would demonstrate to the American people that Iran and Russia were actively doing a humanitarian act by rescuing Americans that had been left behind by their own government and the American people would be very grateful,” he said.

“It would immediately arrest a lot of the hostilities against Iran and Russia. Sadly, they didn't take advantage of the ill-conceived incompetence of the American military leadership.”

“The true Democrats in America are a Godless Communist left-wing organization and they have no honor and they have no desire to really show respect to the military,” Bennett continued. “Every country understands its military is about tradition and culture, training that goes back thousands of years.”

He added, “The beginning point of all of this disintegration is that America is destroying itself by destroying the family, the natural marriage between men and women and destroying the sexual identity with transgenderism, homosexuality, sexual surgery. This is causing schizophrenia, a mental illness that indeed many of Iran's senior leadership and religious personalities have commented on.”

“When I was in Iran a couple years back for the New Horizons Conference,” Dr. Bennett said, “I enjoyed so much being there because it was a healthy society, a healthy culture that did not have all of the severe drunkenness or vileness in manners. I found Iran to be a very pure and peaceful environment and people were very healthy. And I warned them then be very careful in your universities when young people and students are very interested in emulating and following much of the West's success or materialism or culture. A lot of it is good, but be very careful because in the seeds of the Western profit and prosperity also lies the weeds of its own destruction that are strangling it.”

“I would agree with the religious leaders of Iran who have identified and commented on America suffering from mental illness in many regards,” He maintained. “It's because of [Americans'] rebellion against God and natural law and the bloodshed and the murder. And I think a large extent of that has been responsible for the Zionist Israeli influence on American culture and politics.”

As regards reintegration of a multipolar world, he said, that world “recognizes each country is a sovereign entity and that should have absolute freedom. So the multipolar world will rise up as a result of America's departure from this war empire. For a true multipolar peaceful world, you need to have a new sense of the United Nations where you have equal standing with all nations, but at the same time, independent sovereignty is recognized.”

“For a true rebuilding of a better world,” he said, “there needs to be a Nuremberg-style hearing, a declaration of all of the crimes, the mass international forgiveness and a pledging for a new international respect of sovereignty of all nations and no longer some sort of push for global government that is at the root of a lot of the evil and the corruption and the totalitarian oppression.”

“We've seen in the west, particularly the Internet and information being turned into propaganda campaigns of fear and dread, in particular about the COVID-19 issue,” Bennett added. “And if foreign countries such as Iran or Russia reinvented themselves in advertising campaigns or public relations campaigns with natural environmental landscapes and the natural beauty and smiles and joys of youth and the wisdom of the elderly, they could have much of the world's population watch and adjust their perspectives about these countries and cultures and governments entirely.”

“I've always said there's different kinds of warfare,” he said. “There's military, economic and diplomatic warfare at United Nations level, influencing ambassadors, influencing and getting agreements. But there's also information warfare, and the strongest element of information warfare is truth. Truth telling is the strongest, most indefensible-against psychological warfare because the truth resonates in people's hearts. Foreign people that are very thirsty for a positive relief and for comfort, because in the west we have suffered a tremendous discomfort, alienation, fear, paranoia, schizophrenia, bullying by an authoritarian impulse that has been trying to use the COVID-19 shutdown and vaccinations and fear of death.”

“Thousands of people are gathering in the streets, in France, in Germany, in Australia, in America, and rising and walking through the streets with placards saying we are asserting our freedom,” he went on to say. “We are not going to live in fear, we're not going to be made slaves. That's a sign that the totalitarian impulse of America and the west is disintegrating and a new birth of freedom is really rising up. And this is a nonviolent freedom. So they are in a condition, in a mental state, where they would welcome the influence and the opportunity to look at other countries as sharing their desire for freedom.”

“So I think this is the language of international freedom, international peace, and the stopping of international war and conflict by, once again, a Nuremberg sort of global summit,” Bennett concluded.

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