Heavy Rainfall Hits Paris after Recent Heatwave (+Video)

Heavy Rainfall Hits Paris after Recent Heatwave (+Video)

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Following a recent heatwave across France, heavy rain fell on Paris on Tuesday evening, affecting metro stations in the French capital.

The RATP transport organization said several Paris metro stations, including Balard, were inundated with water, France24 reported.

Meteo France reported that the equivalent of one month's worth of rain fell in the space of an hour.

A resident of the French capital filmed a motorcyclist driving through deep water, quipping that Paris is lovely in August because you can even go jet skiing.

The meteorological station on the Eiffel Tower recorded wind speeds of up to 104 km/hour.

Weather services reported that the level of the River Seine had risen by 35cm due to the heavy rainfall.

The Paris fire service issued warnings to locals, instructing them how to stay safe during the downpour - advising them to stay indoors.

French weather services said that much of southern France could be hit by storms later this week.



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