Iranian Spox Blasts Claimants of Human Rights for Supporting Racist Zionist Regime

Iranian Spox Blasts Claimants of Human Rights for Supporting Racist Zionist Regime

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The Iranian Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson took a swipe at false advocates of human rights for supporting the “racist, terrorist, and occupying regime” of Israel for more than 70 years.

“For over 7 decades, the fake defenders of human rights have supported the occupying, terrorist and racist regime (of Israel) which has not only flagrantly violated human rights but also has committed genocide against the Palestinian people,” Nasser Kanaani said in a tweet on Wednesday, referring to the recent atrocities by the Israeli forces in occupied West Bank.

Palestinian news sources reported that the Israeli forces have shot and killed five Palestinians in the West Bank, using live ammunition in less than 24 hours.

Also in another tweet, Kanaani said the so-called “normalization deals” between the Israeli regime and some Arab governments in recent years have failed to stamp out hatred of people in Arab countries towards the apartheid regime, adding that the World Cup 2022 hosted by Qatar has demonstrated disgust against the Tel Aviv regime.

“The FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar has turned into a show of (Arab) people’s disgust against the apartheid Zionist regime and the manifestation of the solidarity of nations with the cause of Palestine,” Kanaani said.

“The occupying Israeli regime is hated by all nations,” he added.

In recent weeks, since the football World Cup began in Qatar, anti-Israel sentiment has been running high, with football fans from across the world waving the Palestinian flag during the matches.

Football fans have also refused to speak to Israeli journalists covering the World Cup, citing the illegal occupation of Palestinian territories and unbridled atrocities against Palestinians.

Raz Shechnick, a reporter for Yedioth Ahronoth, took to Twitter to share his harrowing experiences in Qatar vis- -vis sweeping anti-Israel sentiment and pro-Palestine advocacy.

"We didn't want to write these words, we are not the story here. But after ten days in Doha, we cannot hide what we are going through. We are feeling hated, surrounded by hostility, not welcomed,” he said.

Dor Hoffman, an Israeli journalist, reported that a Qatari taxi driver kicked him out of his cab after he discovered his identity, refusing to take his money.

Moav Vardy, a foreign affairs reporter for the Israeli Kan 11 television channel, said he was yelled at by a Saudi fan, who told him "you are not welcome here, this is Qatar, this is our country, and there is only Palestine, no Israel."

During the matches, the Palestinian flag has been spotted regularly over the past few weeks, amid growing awareness about Israeli aggression in the occupied territories.

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