Frustrated at Futility of Sanctions, Enemy Foments Seditions against Iran: President

Frustrated at Futility of Sanctions, Enemy Foments Seditions against Iran: President

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi said the enemy has resorted to provoking seditions and riots in Iran after the failure of its policy of maxim pressures and sanctions against the Islamic Republic.

In comments at a meeting with a group of clerics in Iran’s western province of Kurdistan on Thursday, President Raisi said his administration is doing all it can to compensate for the shortcomings and solve the problems.

He said Iran has been subject to the wrath of the enemies since the beginning of the victory of the revolution because of the lofty goals it has defined for itself.

"The enemy designed and implemented many conspiracies against this nation to stop the Iranian nation. Among them were the 8-year imposed war and separatist provocations, including in Kurdistan, but the knowledgeable and insightful Kurdish people defeated the enemy," the president stated.

"After the enemy did not get results from war and separatist conspiracies, it imposed extensive sanctions against the Iranian nation to stop these people, but in the end, it was forced to admit it became official that it has failed in applying these sanctions in the form of maximum pressure policy and therefore it has turned from pressure and sanctions to sedition and unrest," Raisi added, the president’s official website reported.

Referring to the numerous martyrs and veterans of the Kurdistan province and the self-sacrifice of the Kurdish peshmerga against the separatists, President Raisi called the Kurdish people as one of the famous and noble tribes whose souls are infused with the teachings of Islam and want to live as Muslims.

The president further emphasized, "We do not consider the enemies of the Islamic Revolution to be those who came to the streets under the influence of emotions and feelings in the recent events and started talking out of negligence. The real enemies of the Islamic Republic are America and the Zionist Regime. Of course, the response of the Islamic Republic of Iran to those who committed murder and created insecurity during this period is decisive and harsh.”