Envoy Slams So-Called Human Rights Advocates Who Deprive Iranians of Their Basic Rights

Envoy Slams So-Called Human Rights Advocates Who Deprive Iranians of Their Basic Rights

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iran’s permanent ambassador to the United Nations Office in Geneva slammed certain countries claiming to advocate for Iranian people’s human rights while depriving them of their basic rights through unilateral sanctions.

Ali Bahraini made the remark during a meeting of the UN Human Rights Council, criticizing those who deprive the Iranian nation of their basic rights while alleging to advocate for their human rights as sheer hypocrisy.

“It is a sheer hypocrisy that the perpetrators of crimes against Iranian people advocate for the human rights of Iranians and table draft resolutions against Iran while depriving the same people of their basic rights to health, to education, and to life,” Iran’s ambassador said.

He also criticized biased reports prepared on the human rights situation in Iran, including by UN Special Rapporteur Javaid Rehman, who also addressed the council before Bahraini’s speech.

Iran’s ambassador said such biased reports ignored the realities on the ground in Iran, adding that Rehman refrained from mentioning the foreign-backed terrorist attacks in the country, which led to the deaths of dozens of security forces and innocent people.

Bahraini also touched on the role of foreign-backed media in inciting terrorism in the country, saying that hundreds of foreign-based TV and radio channels as well as social networks encourage violence in Iran by providing tutorials on how to make weapons and engage in armed conflict.

After the death of Mahsa Amini, violent riots broke out in Iran. Western governments and media accused the police of causing Amini's death, but CCTV footage revealed that she collapsed inside a police station after speaking to a female officer. Foreign-backed rioters attacked security forces and caused extensive damage to public property, resulting in numerous deaths, including security personnel in Tehran. Iran's Foreign Minister denied arresting peaceful protesters and stated that only those causing trouble and engaging in violence were arrested.

Bahraini’s remarks came after Rehman presented his report to the council, claiming that Iran's authorities have committed violations in recent months that may amount to crimes against humanity, including by cracking down on foreign-backed violent riots that swept the country for three months.

The Iranian ambassador said Rehman’s allegations were imaginary and Iran was being singled out and targeted in the council.

"They try to portray their imaginations as the reality of the situation in Iran," he said.

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