Meshkin Fam Art Museum in Iran's Shiraz

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - The recently-founded Meshkin Fam Art Museum occupies one of the late-Qajar mansions of Shiraz. The house is called after Foruq, a member of the powerful Qavam family.

Meshkin Fam Art Museum in Iran's Shiraz

The building occupies an area of about 1,100 m², and consists of the andaruni and birun sections, arranged around separate courtyards. In addition to the spaces common to traditional Shiraz houses, the building has a bath and a howz-khaneh. 

After the mansion had been appropriated by the government, it was first designated as a school. Later, it became the museum. The majority of the museum's collection consists of the objects d'art produced or collected by the members of Meshkin Fam family.

Among them are masterfully-engraved stone items and calligraphy pieces created by Hajj Habib Meshkin Fam (1871-1941), paintings by his son Hasan Meshkin fam, and many artifacts produced by other renowned masters native to Shiraz. The exhibition is complemented by a photo gallery of Iranian celebrities, a library, and a graphic workshop.


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