EU Stability in Question in Post-Coronavirus World: US Author

EU Stability in Question in Post-Coronavirus World: US Author

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - An American author and political analyst said the coronavirus outbreak could have a negative effect on the stability of the European Union.

“French President Macron alluded to the notion that the stability of the European Union is in question and it's true that many of their political constituents of the EU may want to back out of the Union in the short term but in the long term the globalists see the EU as an important building block toward the goal of a one-world government. So the elites will try hard to maintain the Union as things progress,” Walt Peretto told Tasnim in an interview.

Walt Peretto is an American writer, researcher, analyst, and sociopolitical psychologist. He is a regular contributor to various media outlets and he writes for several online news magazines. He is also working on a book that will introduce the groundwork for sociopolitical psychology which is the study of the behaviors behind social systems and their interactions.

The full text of the interview is as follows:

Tasnim: The post-COVID19 race could determine whether the US rebounds in a manner that allows it to retain what itself calls the mantle of global leadership. There are reports that Beijing could leverage its first-mover advantage – alongside a faster economic recovery across Asian markets – accelerating the trend toward a Chinese-centric globalization. What do you think?

Peretto: In the early 1970s American globalists David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger broke the Cold War ice and reached out to communist dictator Chairman Mao. Then President Nixon commenced formal relations with mainland China by offering investment dollars and infrastructure designed to open up their markets and provide cheap labor to Western corporations. In the subsequent decades, China was transformed from an impoverished dystopia into the global economic power it is today. Besides the obvious 'short-term' economic advantages for Western corporations, the Western globalists hoped to eventually incorporate China into the one-world system of government they so passionately covet. After World War II the United States was left unscathed at home and assumed the role of the dominant military and economic power in the world. The US quickly brought the Japanese economy into a dominant position in East Asia and rebuilt Western Europe over a few decades while secretly funding the Soviet Union to keep it afloat to provide the US with an enemy to justify the military expenditures needed to make America into the world's dominant military power. Once the Soviet Union imploded it was immediately incorporated into the Western economic model. Yet in order to continue the flow of US military expenditures and to begin the process of incorporating the Middle East and North Africa into the globalists' one-world vision; attention was immediately turned from the Soviet threat to the manufactured Muslim fundamentalist threat. In 2001 the murderous September 11 operation was carried out by the US and Israel to provide an 'excuse' to invade Afghanistan, Iraq, and then Libya in an attempt to bring those nations into their one-world vision---with proxy operations now taking place in Syria and Yemen, and the continued harassment of Iran. In sum, the US is more interested in remaining the world's leading military while ceding manufacturing dominance to China and the lead in cybersecurity and artificial intelligence (AI) to Israel. Now the current coronavirus pandemic has been unleashed to help establish a "lock-step" world of top-down governmental controls through severe restrictions in movement and travel, plus surveillance technologies, a digital-only (cashless) economy, re-monopolizing propaganda and disinformation through increasing internet and alternative media censorship, depopulation through bio-warfare and mandatory vaccines, decreased economic opportunities, and the curtailing of basic human rights. 

Tasnim: The IMF has projected a US economic decline of about 6% in 2020 and a contraction of the eurozone of 7.5%. That compares to projected Chinese economic growth for 2020 of 1.2% after a first quarter real decline of 6.7% – far less than the 10%-plus dip many experts had expected. The only group of countries in the world projected to be in positive territory are East Asian, at roughly 1%. This has raised concerns within the US and Europe. Recently, French President Emanuel Macron argued that the coming months could determine whether the European Union collapses as a political and economic project. Do you believe that their steeper economic decline and slower recovery could lay the seeds for a long-lasting shift of global tectonic plates to East Asian nations’ advantage?

Peretto: Western globalist strategists are satisfied with China in particular and East Asia, in general, taking the lead in manufacturing despite Trump's rants about China which appeals to his constituency and diverts attention off the Israel grip it has on the US. Most of the world's fiat currencies are created out of thin air by Western elite families so money will always be plentiful and used to fund any operations they see fit. The fact that East Asia is engaged in a dominant position in manufacturing through foreign investment and labor exploitation is just fine for the Western globalists. This allows the West and Israel to concentrate on surveillance technologies, AI, internet censorship, and other 'clean' technologies. The American and European common people will be hit hard by manufacturing going East and the coronavirus pandemic but it's elites will be just fine. French President Macron alluded to the notion that the stability of the European Union is in question and it's true that many of their political constituents of the EU may want to back out of the Union in the short term but in the long term the globalists see the EU as an important building block toward the goal of a one-world government. So the elites will try hard to maintain the Union as things progress. Yes, the manufacturing tectonic plate is definitely shifting toward East Asia along with the income it produces and the power it builds but the West will continue to print money and allot it to the 'clean' technologies and dark operations I noted above. The most important tectonic shift will be toward a global Orwellian surveillance police state with a concentration on mass depopulation. We are entering these realities now with the unleashing of the coronavirus 'pandemic.' 

Tasnim: There is a potential scenario raised by Deloitte and Salesforce referred to as “Sunrise in the East.” They write, “The global center of power shifts decisively east as China and other East Asian nations take the reigns as primary powers on the world stage and lead global coordination of the health system and other multilateral institutions.” What factors do you think could contribute to this shift of power?

Peretto:  Mainstream economists tend to gauge economic performance in terms of GDP which is usually high when manufacturing is strong. While the US leads the world in military might, the Western globalists lead in money creation, and Israel leads in AI--the West is more than willing to encourage East Asia to take the lead in manufacturing to exploit their cheap labor. Also, East Asia (China and North Korea particularly) are petri dishes for the globalists in terms of observing how top-down governmental controls over their people can be applied to the West and the rest of the world. What many mainstream economists underestimate is the role of money creation and its allotment. The money creators use their money to fund various agendas that are important to the globalists. These agendas include dark operations such as false flag events like 9/11, wars, pandemics and other depopulation methods, propaganda and disinformation, and surveillance and AI technologies. I also believe that by propagating East Asia to take the lead in manufacturing the West hopes they will be more cooperative when it came to finalizing a united global system under a one-world top-down government. The Rockefeller Foundation issued a report in 2010 called "Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development" that featured a 'possible' scenario titled "Lock Step" where a virus pandemic leads to the mandatory wearing of face masks and body-temperature checks to enter communal spaces while normally bustling shops and office buildings sit empty for months. In this scenario, their solution is  "top-down government control and more authoritarian leadership with limited innovation and growing public pushback." This is strong evidence to consider when assessing if the coronavirus pandemic is a dark operation funded by the psychopathic globalists. 

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